The Marriage Institute offers a Bible-based, battle-tested approach that moves relationships from broken to whole—and from good to great. Shared below are the components of our transformative program.


Our courses and webinars strengthen your relationship in the fundamental areas of marital success: Communication, Conflict Management, Intimacy, Finances, Family, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Care, and Trauma Healing Informed Care. In addition, our virtual trainings are offered both live and on-demand, and designed to target common areas of difficulty—for married couples, those courting and engaged, and singles who are preparing for marriage.


Every individual and couple can benefit from professional coaching. As such:

PREMIUM memberships do not include complimentary coaching sessions, but include discounted rates.

EXECUTIVE memberships include four (4) complimentary coaching sessions (30 minutes each).

VIP memberships include seven (7) complimentary coaching sessions (60 minutes each).


A supportive peer-based community is one of the fundamental benefits of our membership programs. Although your marriage is a private union, you should not feel alone. As such, our Private Facebook Community empowers members to learn from each other’s marital successes and mistakes. It also facilitates engaging fellowship and discussion that give hope and strength.


My Brother’s Keeper

Brothers it’s time for us to take care of ourselves
By the end of this 6-week session, you will:
  • Discover the definition of self-care.
  • Understand the impact of not living a spiritually, physically, and emotionally healthy life.
  • Acquire tools that lead to self-care, overall health, and a productive life.

Love Labs

The Love Labs are a series of workshops designed for couples who are ready to make an investment in their marriage. Our method combines time-tested biblical truths, research theories, practicums, and prayer. As a result, couples can yield high returns in their marriage — taking their relationship to new heights. While focusing on Five Key Marital Assets (Communication, Conflict Management, Intimacy, Finances, and Family. The Love Labs also deliver personalized, dynamic workshops for you and your spouse.
  • A safe space to share experiences in a fun exciting environment.
  • Handle conflicts in ways that say "I love you."
  • Improve communication by turning towards (not away) from each other
  • Bild intimacy through attention, admiration, affection, and appreciation.

Christian Wives Collective

This 6-week session covers the following themes:
  • How to Pray & Keep the Faith for Your Spouse & Your Family
  • Submission for the Modern-Day Woman
  • How to Communicate Effectively with Your Spouse
  • Keeping the Spark of Intimacy Going in Your Marriage
  • Building Trust for an Unbreakable Marriage
  • Becoming One & Building a Family Legacy (finances, Planning for the future, common goals)

Pre-Marital Counseling

Things to consider before saying “I Do.”
The process of preparing for a long-lasting and exciting marriage should be fun and life-changing. In each session, we prepare you for the challenges that married couples face, while helping you explore your deep and most-intimate desires. From money, sex, kids, and spirituality … to communication, expectations, and dreams — everything is on the table, and we make it fun!

In these premarital sessions, the goal is to expose marital expectations (the realistic and the “not-so-realistic”). The following six (and essential) topics help a couple prepare for a lifetime together:

  • Expectations – The meaning of marriage (how was it in your family and growing up?)
  • Communication – Men Speak Android and Women speak iPhone (How to get on the same frequency)
  • Sex (your prior experiences, and your expectations in marriage)
  • Faith (the importance of shared values, especially in spiritual matters)
  • Family (roles and expectations within the family unit, including parenting)
  • Finances (how you've used it, and how you expect to deal with it)
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